07/08/04 - This is a bit last minute notice, but...

I'll be playing some songs at a event at the Make-Out Room this
Monday, July 12, hosted by Stephen Elliott. The event starts around 7:30
and is mostly a bunch of great authors doing readings. Anyway, they were
nice enough to ask me to participate, so I will be playing some new and old
songs acoustically. So come on out and support a great cause, hear a few
tunes and listen to some readings. Here's the pertinent info...

Monday, July 12 @ 7:30 PM
The Make-Out Room
3225 22nd Street (@ Valencia)
San Francisco, California




3/31/04 - well, the main news right now is that the album is out. the last year or so has really been focused on getting this done so i could move on to more new songs. it's a pretty short pop album. hopefully it feels longer than it is, but not too long.

it's been cool and strange doing the record on my own. cool because you can do whatever you want and strange because there is no one to bounce ideas off of. there is more instrumentation on this album. more piano and trumpet parts than the stuff i have done in the past. anyway, more to come soon. hopefully more news down the road, reviews, maybe some live dates, etc. so, check out the record and let me know what you think.